Week 1: Introductions

Today was the first official class meeting and video conference call with DWA. Each group introduced themselves to Dave, Grazia, Megan, and Courtney, and Dave outlined how the critique/"dailies" process will operate. As a team, we decided on the name "Electric Sheep", inspired by the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. This novel was the main story inspiration for Blade Runner, a classic neo-noir film that uses the film noir style with a modern twist. We hope to create a similar aesthetic in our piece, with graphic, high-contrast lighting and color. 

Now, we are working on developing the pre-vis concept art, and preparing our official project pitch for our meeting with DWA on Friday. We have started to assemble a Maya scene with downloaded assets and have begun blocking out the initial camera movement. Our story synopsis can be read below:

The year is 1948, in Chicago. Late at night, a call is made to the Chicago Police Department. On the phone is Dean Lewis, a distinguished private investigator. Dean has been working closely on a case with the Chicago PD, investigating Michael Scarpelli, a notorious hitman working for a well-known crime outfit run by the Marcello family. Dean has called the Chicago PD in order to report on a recent breakthrough he has made in the case. While on the phone with the PD, Dean is violently interrupted and a dangerous altercation can be heard on his end of the line. The perpetrator is unknown but seems to be ruthlessly attacking the investigator, as if he had some personal vendetta. The police officer on the phone begins yelling into the receiver, desperately trying to interrupt the conflict, when suddenly the line is cut and the call is dropped. An eerily morbid dial tone rings out into phone as the officer hurriedly assembles backup and heads to the investigator’s office. When the police arrive on the scene, there are clear signs of struggle found throughout the office. Case files from the Scarpelli investigation are strewn across the desk and floor, some covered in blood stains. Despite being the setting of an obvious conflict, Dean and the perpetrator are nowhere to be found. The police immediately suspect Scarpelli to be the assailant, and they begin setting up a crime scene.