Week 1: The Pitch

Earlier in the week, we met as a group to go over concept art and the pre-vis camera move. Shiny crated a Maya scene of the office layout using models downloaded from the web. She and I began blocking out the initial camera move while Lauren worked on creating the concept art by painting over one of our renders from the Maya scene. For the camera move, we wanted to make the viewer feel as though they were stepping behind the lens as the crime scene photographer. To achieve this, we had the camera move throughout the scene with a first-person hand-held type movement, pausing at certain moments and snapping "pictures" of the areas in the crime scene. Our inspiration imagery and camera move can be seen below:

Reference Images

Concept Art and Layout

Camera Move

We presented our concept pitch and pre-vis to the DWA team today and we recieved some great feedback. The concept was well-received, and they thought our story was very interesting. They suggested that we rethink the camera movement as a series of vignettes instead of the hand-held movement. They also brought up the idea that if we are going to do film noir, we have to commit to it, so going to more contrast and making the lighting really graphic will be essential, since the style relies heavily on telling the story through light and shadow. They encouraged us to try and create a very heavy atmosphere and try to find a camera move that tells the story in a compelling way.