Week 2: Concept and Camera Updates

This week, my group met to implement the suggestions from DWA about our camera move and concept art. We worked to create  a new camera move with three vignettes that focused on specific elements in our scene that helped to tell our story. We also began to establish basic lighting/light positions. After deciding on those shots, Lauren took them into Photoshop and created paint-overs to use for our new concept pieces.

New Concept Art

Updated Camera Move

In today's meeting with DWA, we presented our changes and received feedback. They suggested that we rethink out key-to-fill ratio and really play with back-lighting and silhouettes. They also encouraged us to add some tilt to our camera moves, because right now they feel very straight. We also talked about the possibility of adding a forth vignette as an establishing shot to help convey our story better.