Week 2: More Camera Work

During this week, my group met to work on the feedback we received at our last video conference with the DWA team. We did a LOT of camera work, trying to find the best movement to help tell our story. Our first edit included some tilt adjustments in the shots to make them feel less linear, and an additional forth shot of the desk drawers to include more of the "clues" that help reveal the scene. The updated camera movement can be seen below:

Updated Camera Move

We still felt like this wasn't telling our story quite right, so we tried another iteration of the camera that frames our vignette subjects a little more dramatically. This version can be viewed below:

Second Camera Move

STILL not totally satisfied with this movement, we attempted to simplify the shots by creating one continuous movement. We felt like the multiple-shot approach created a disjointed visual, and we wanted to achieve a more cohesive feeling. After setting up our one-cam movement, I also began adding lights and volumetric fog to the scene, while Lauren worked developing basic material shaders. This helped us visualize our key light position and how color atmosphere would effect the scene. We also did a quick test render on the renderfarm to see how our file would hold up. The (very noisy!) results can be seen below:

Single Camera Test