Week 3: More Drama! More Fog!

At our group meetings this week, we decided it would be best to reverse the single-camera motion we had developed, so the viewers feel as though they are stepping into the scene, rather than reversing out through the door. We sent the reversed camera movement along with some hi-res stills to Dave and Megan for feedback. Here's the video we sent them:

Reversed Camera Movement

In Dave's feedback, he suggested that we slow down the camera significantly to improve the drama of the shot. He also mentioned the idea of dutch tilt and low camera angles, two very significant composition techniques used in film noir. He emailed us back some paint-overs of the rendered stills we sent, and gave us tips on creating more contrast in our lighting. He also recommended that we re-stage the phone element in our scene to show it more in silhouette against the fog, and to really bump up the fog to separate the foreground from the background. Taking this into consideration, I began making adjustments to slow the camera and add more contrast to the lighting and atmosphere while Lauren and Shiny began modeling some assets. I've also been working on modeling the telephone, and will post an image of it when I have finished.

Slower Camera with More Contrast