Week 4: Shot 3 Edit and VDev Rig

Today, Lauren and I met to work on editing shot 3. We got some feedback from Dave at DWA about how the shots were reading. We shortened shot 1 to give more length to shot 3, creating a more cohesive sequence of images. We also delayed the rack focus in shot 2 and created a shallower focus to increase the drama of the effect. What we had for shot 3 wasn't reading well, so we decided to take a different approach. Lauren worked on developing the model of the safe so that we could put it in our previs, to give the final shot something to focus on for the subject. I worked on a re-staging of the objects in the corner of the scene and re-framed shot 3 to zoom slowly towards the safe, which has been forcefully opened and broken in the process. Hopefully this new approach to the third shot will tie in our narrative and create a powerful ending to our story. You can watch the new camera shots below:

New Camera Move (Shot 3 Edited)

I also rendered a test of my telephone model in the VDev Rig I developed, just to see how it was working. We sent our previs video and VDev test to DWA tonight, so hopefully we'll hear some feedback soon. The video of my model in the VDev Rig is below:

Telephone Model VDev Rig Test Render