Week 6: Lighting and DoF

As far as lighting and rendering tests this week, I was able to implement the critique from last Friday and tried to better connect the lighting between shot 2 and 3. I also changed all of the spotlights in the scene to AI area lights, so that the lighting in the scene is more physically based and less noisy. I feel that it is important to render the camera movement with the lighting to see how the atmosphere and god rays are working as the scene changes, so I rendered out some movement tests.

Additionally, I added a Z-Depth AOV to the render so that I could create a depth of field and rack focus test, specifically for shot 2. I wanted to test out composited depth of field, and I feel like it worked really successfully. I am looking for feedback on how the focus transitions and the speed of the rack focus.

Lighting, Cam Move, and DoF Test