Week 8: Updated Shaders

This week, I worked on updated the shaders in shot based on DWA's feedback on Monday. The assets I focused my attention on were the phone (fixing the specular highlight on the side of the base), the desk and door (recreating maps for specularity and diffuse based on the substance exports), the glass on the door (remodeling and applying the wave pattern as a bump map instead of a deformer), and the investigation board (tweaking the shaders Sheny developed for the cork and the wood and applying textures to the papers/photos on the board). I also managed the scene file and adjusted my group mates' shaders after importing them into the scene, since the lighting was effecting them in a different way than the VDev rig. It was challenging to compile all of the different shaders in a way that felt natural, seamless, and photo-real, but I think we did a pretty good job implementing the critique. I'm excited to see what DreamWorks has to say tomorrow. A render of shot 1 with the camera move and new shaders can be seen below, as well as still frames of shot 2 and 3.

Shot 1 with New Shaders and Camera Move

Stills of Shots 2 and 3