Week 5: Shading Exercise, Camera Changes, and Preliminary Lighting

In our last meeting with DreamWorks, we were given a shading exercise assignment from Meghan. Our goal is to recreate various different materials, dielectric and metallic, to the best of our ability. Keeping with the expectation of realism set by my professor and mentors, I created all of my shaders based on photographic reference. The quilt of all the different shaders, as well as an individual shot of each can be seen below.

Shading Exercise

Additionally, I adjusted the camera some more, based on the critique we received last Friday. It was suggested that we re-frame shot 2, so that ceiling is no longer included in the frame and the focus is more centered on the filing cabinet and safe instead of the back of the room as a whole. I also tweaked shot 3 and to create a tighter focus on the safe itself, since the filing cabinet is now showcased more in the previous shot. The updated camera move can be viewed below.

Updated Camera Move

After adjusting the shots, I began to work on developing the preliminary lighting for each of the shots by blocking out the position of the key light and developing a basic atomsphere. The first shot's key has previously been set up and discussed with DWA, but I have included it in the images below as a reminder of where is currently stands. The initial key light placement and atmosphere test for each shot can be seen below.

Lighting and Atmosphere Test

Week 5: Photo Blog

This past Sunday, Lauren and I went downtown in Savannah to take some photographs for our photography reference blogs. I uploaded the shots I collected this weekend to my blog, which can be found here. The purpose of this blog is to develop a reference library of materials, as well as experiment with and fine-tune my camera work. I have found that learning settings like exposure, depth of field, and focal length through a real-world lens is incredibly helpful when thinking about the settings in a CG scenerio.