Week 6: Lighting and DoF

As far as lighting and rendering tests this week, I was able to implement the critique from last Friday and tried to better connect the lighting between shot 2 and 3. I also changed all of the spotlights in the scene to AI area lights, so that the lighting in the scene is more physically based and less noisy. I feel that it is important to render the camera movement with the lighting to see how the atmosphere and god rays are working as the scene changes, so I rendered out some movement tests.

Additionally, I added a Z-Depth AOV to the render so that I could create a depth of field and rack focus test, specifically for shot 2. I wanted to test out composited depth of field, and I feel like it worked really successfully. I am looking for feedback on how the focus transitions and the speed of the rack focus.

Lighting, Cam Move, and DoF Test

Week 6: Models and Turntables

On Friday, we received feedback on our group shading exercise, and the artists at DWA were very pleased! Dave and Megan both thought we had some really good results for our first pass. They really liked my brushed metal and painted metal shaders. All of the materials I contributed to the group exercise were approved, and I don't need to make any edits to them. We also received critique on our lighting tests. Dave said that our first to shots look awesome; he really loves our graphic, high-contrast key-to-fill ratio. However, he doesn't think that shot 3's lighting is working yet, and I agree. The shot is proving difficult to light because--unlike shot 1 and 2--it is a front-lit close up, so getting the same contrast and sense of atmosphere has been challenging.

Apart from the lighting, I have also been working on creating more assets for the scene. A still of my cardboard box model (along with Sheny's files and folders) and a turtable of my frame models (along with Lauren's door model) can be seen below, as well as wireframes for each object. 

Cardboard Box Still and wireframe

Frames Turntable and Wireframe