Week 9: Finishing Touches

We sent our new renders to DWA on Wednesday night and got some feedback on the reflection on our door glass. I worked on adding in a bounce card behind the desk to illuminate the glass shader better, and also added a card behind the door to add more light to the door's wood shader. Dave liked the changes we made and suggested that, now that I have the reflection working better, I should tone down the light intensity by half. Today, I implemented those changes and we rendered out sequences for each of our shots. Once the renders were done, I worked on editing the shots in post. I composited the fog into the shots using a blurred version of the color pass to add color to the fog that reflected the room. This made a HUGE difference in our renders, and now the fog feels much more physically accurate. I also added in dust motes to the light beams and fog of each shot, and composited in some subtle film grain. All of these changes seem to have really taken our renders to a more photo-real level. I can't wait to see what DWA thinks tomorrow! The new sequence can be seen below, as well as a comparison of the lighting with and without fog color.

New Sequence

Fog Comparison

Week 9: Lighting and Shader Edits

This weekend, my team and I worked on editing the shaders based on the critique from Friday's session with DWA. Most of the edits were made to the filing cabinet and safe assets in the scene. The filing cabinet shader still didn't feel quite metallic enough, so Sheny and I rewired the Substance maps in the hypershade network, and came up with a better result that we hope reads as a painted metal. Lauren and I also worked on implementing changes to the bump map on the safe. The depth and scale of the bumps didn't quite fit the scene, so we lowered the depth and softened the map; however, changes still need to be made to the frequency of the imperfections. I tweaked some of the other shaders in the scene, like the brightness on the filing folders, to help them integrate better with their surroundings. I also worked on updating the lighting. I solved the issue we were having with the missing reflection on the door glass, added a light blocker to shot 2 so the filing box on the floor is now in shadow, and added some fog to the background of shot 1. With the new renders, I was able to do some compositing test with film grain as well. There is still a lot to do this week; we have to adjust the lighting more in shot 1 to brighten up the door reflection and desk, as well as optimize the scene so that we stop getting two-hour kills on the render farm. I am looking forward to the feedback DWA has for us in today's session. The updates can be seen below. Shot 2 is a little short because we didn't get all of the frames rendered.

Updated Scene

Screenshots of Final Lighting Rig

The images below show the lighting rig set up for each of the shots. Lights are circled in green, cameras are circled in cyan, and light blockers/bounce cards are outlined in red.