Week 4: Shooting Plates

Today, my group and I went to our filming location to shoot some plates. In the first shot, we wanted to create a low-angle establishing shot near the car's back tire, so we could show off the dust effects Will and Aidan plan to create. The car would then speed off into the distance. In the second shot, the car would be moving towards the camera, swerving left and right to avoid the pillars that are shooting through the ground. Then in the third shot, the car comes in from frame right and spins out, covering the frame in a dust cloud. Here's the reference (with Will's Jeep). Timmy and I both set up the camera and composition.

Jeep Reference

Then we shot plates for each shot and I was able to process them, get a camera track, export a camera to Maya, and animate some previs geometry. The track is VERY rough and I did not refine it at all, so there is sliding. However, we know these plates won't work for our final shots, since the weather was not ideal, so this was just for a test anyway.

Plates, Tracking, and PreVis Test