Week 5: Reshooting

We pitched our idea to The Mill and they liked our idea; however, their biggest critique was that our plates were not interesting enough. We expected this feedback, as we knew they were mostly just tests. We went out today to try and get some more interesting shots/camera moves. We also decided to change our commercial to two shots so each artist could focus on one shot each and really refine/perfect those shots, so we cut Shot 1. For Shot 2, we wanted to make it more dynamic, so we tried shooting out of the back of Aidan's car with Timmy holding the camera on a shoulder rig. For the last shot, we moved the spin out to a parking lot nearby our road with some foundation pillars, to help give context our effects and add interest to the shot. Here are our results (references with Will's Jeep and clean plates).

Ultimately, after unsuccessfully trying to stabilize the footage, we decided that we will need to reshoot or decided on a different approach for this shot. We were able to get a decent track off of the footage, but without the stabilization and with the addition of our animation and effects, this shot would be WAY too busy, so we're going to reshoot again on Wednesday.