Week 5: Reshooting... Again

Since we were unsatisfied with our results from both of our shooting sessions at the dirt road location, we decided to scout a new location that offered more visual variety and related to our concept more. I suggested going to the road under the Talmadge bridge because there are a lot of pillars (to reinforce our concept) and opportunities for better compositions. We arrived at the location this morning to do some reference shots and we plan on shooting our plates tomorrow. The lighting around 7:30 am was really beautiful, so I think when we shoot tomorrow, we will arrive early, set up quickly, and get our plates done in this golden hour (really about 30 minutes) of sunlight. That was part of the reason we scouted today, so we could plan and work quickly tomorrow. The roads in this location were flatter, so the shots from Aidan's car were MUCH more successful. We also used a wider-angle lens to reduce the motion even more. I think these shots work a lot better and I'm excited to shoot the plates and HDRs tomorrow. Our results can be seen below.

Also, tomorrow we will be taking some drone videos as either B-roll shots, or if we have time, as an additional shot with our car and effects. I'm really excited about using the drone to shoot, so hopefully we will get some really cool shots!