Week 5: Drone Shots, HDRs, and Lighting Match


When we reshot on Saturday, Will was able to bring along his friend from the film department who shot some plates using his drone. I am SUPER excited to work with this footage. It looks really cool and I think it will greatly contribute to the dynamic and cinematic quality of our commercial. The most recent cut of all of our plates can be seen below. *NOTE! The plates have not been properly color corrected yet, so they are mismatched.


I also cleaned and stitched all the HDRIs together from our shoot. I took 3 different HDRIs for the first sequence to increase the information for reflections. The last HDRI from sequence 1 can also be used for sequence 2 (the corner where the car turns). I took a final HDRI in the parking lot for the last shot. The results of my HRDIs are below. Keep in mind these are the 8-bit PNG versions of the 32-bit radiance files, so the color space is a little different.

Camera and Lighting

Additionally, I matched the camera for our final parking lot shot. I used the old camera matching method of matching with a box instead of camera tracking because our final shot is a still plate. I was able to get a good match and start on the lighting match as well. I'm not super satisfied with the lighting match just yet, as I had to finesse it a little be more in comp than I would have liked, but it's a good start. I will be tweaking the lighting in Maya a little more so that the renders match more closely from the get-go. My camera and lighting matches are shown below.

Camera Match


Lighting Match