Week 6: Camera Match

I dedicated the beginning of this week to tracking the camera in the drone shots for our first driving sequence. I was able to get my solve error down to 0.45 and the cube geometry seemed to be sticking well in my Nuke 3D scene. However, when I exported the camera/scene from Nuke and imported it into Maya, I was getting a camera with the focal length of 1.9 (which I didn't even know was possible, since the Maya camera doesn't allow the user to set a focal length value lower than 2.5!). Additionally, the perspective in Maya was very off and did not match my Nuke 3D scene at all. I realized this error was due to a lack calculation of the conversion of the drone sensor size. Since the drone uses a micro-sensor (CMOS 1/2.3"), I needed to convert the focal length to an appropriate measurement for a 35 mm equivalent. To do this, I used a resource Prof. Bridget provided (https://www.digified.net/focallength/). Once I calculated the conversion and re-tracked my footage in Nuke, the perspective error was fixed! The initial perspective discrepancy as well as a playblast of my camera track can be watched below.

Nuke vs. Maya

Camera Track Playblast