Week 6: Shaders and Comp

This week I worked mostly on my car shaders, as well as a test comp of the shaders in shot. Overall, I created 19 different shaders for various parts on the car. The turntable of my car can be seen below, along with the material attributes for each shader. In the upcoming week, I plan to bring the car into Substance Painter and start creating some maps to give the car a dirtier/dustier look. 

Car Turntable w/ Shaders

Material Attributes

Once my shaders were in a good spot, I rendered out a single frame with some basic layers and AOVs to get a comp started for the final shot. Luckily, the lighting and camera match I did for my white ball was close enough and gave me a good start for the color corrections on my car renders. The result, breakdown, and Nuke tree of my first test comp can be seen below.

Comp Test: Final Shot

Comp Breakdown

Nuke Tree