Week 3: Effect Comp

This week, I worked with David to establish a workflow for rendering out different layers in Mantra. The effect David created needed to be rendered in Mantra in order to properly display the material transition, so we set up the same passes that I used in Maya/Arnold in his Houdini file. Once this workflow was established, I started to do some test composites to see the effectiveness of the integration. Despite working with two separate renderers in two separate 3D packages, I think we achieved some pretty good results. A breakdown can be seen below.

Final Comp with Effect

Ball Comp Breakdown (click through)

Bucket Comp Breakdown

Ideally, we would have been able to get all of the render layers working within Mantra before compositing; however, due to some layers either being broken or missing, I had to create some workarounds in Nuke, specifically for the ground reflection from effect, glow reflection on ball from bucket, shadow of ball on bucket. My Nuke tree was too big to screen grab, so I've broken down the different sections of it below, along with descriptions of how I used each.

Nuke Tree Breakdown