Week 7: Substance Look Dev

I worked on adding some detailed maps to the car shaders to make the car appear more dusty/dirty. To create the maps, I used Substance. This was the first time I had ever used the software, and I am super impressed with this capabilities. I was able to get some nice results, despite my inexperience. We also decided on making the car red, to help it pop against the cool blue background. I received the first renders of the tire burn smoke from Will this week and did a test comp of the effect in the shot. Here, you can see the shaders in motion and the test with the effect. Underneath the video, I will include the maps I used in the diffuse and specular channels to give the car the appearance of dust.

Substance Maps for the Car

The maps below have been used as a mask in a layered texture for the diffuse color (to switch between red and dust), and have also been remapped and used in the specular roughness channels.

I was also able to use Substance to look dev the pillars that come bursting through the ground. I used a basic concrete material and altered the parameters to get more variation in the maps of each pillar. Two of my shaders can be seen applied to the models below. There are an additional two variations, but for the purpose of detail preservation, I filled the frame with two pillars instead of four. The maps for one of my pillars can be seen below.

Substance Maps for the Pillars