Week 2: Light Passes and Render Layers

Today, I worked on breaking up my render into separate passes for compositing. The different passes I created were a object beauty pass, key light mask, fill light mask, object shadow mask, ambient occlusion, ground reflection, and ground reflection mask. I plan to also create a layer for the environment shadow, but I believe Prof. Bridget is going over that in class on Thursday, so I will wait until then. All of these passes were created using my white ball test sphere so that I could match the reference plate in Nuke before bringing in my new ball to composite. My first attempt at passes can be seen below. A gray background has been added to fill in the background.

And here is my first attempt at compositing the CG white ball into the scene.

I'm pretty pleased with how the lighting match and shadow look; however, I still need to work on the ground reflection and occlusion. Additionally, I had the workflow wrong with the key and fill layers (don't need the masks, just separate passes), so in my next tests I will fix that. I plan start look-developing the shader for my actual ball and creating an environment shadow pass, so I'm hoping to create some better test renders and composites soon. I've included my nuke tree at the bottom of this post. *Disclaimer* I'm still learning proper nuke tree organizing techniques so if something is messy or wrong, please let me know!