Directed Lighting

This week, Jessica was able to finish the first pass of all the "new" building textures. We put the shaders in shot, and I was able to create some more directed lighting tests with her beautiful assets. I chose to create two moods to serve as sketches essentially to direct my eye once I begin developing the overall light rig. The first one I envision as an early misty morning with the sun coming from back right of frame. The second is a night lighting test using the physical light models in the shot. I was playing with a shift in focus as well, the first being more towards the back of frame, and the second being at the front. For the second shot, I hero-lit the chalkboard menu in order to give the viewers a more obvious/directed focus. The results of these two test can be seen below. Moving forward, I would like to create directed shots like these for each of the day and night sequences in our film and figure out a way to transition successfully between each look.

Morning Lighting Test

Night Lighting Test